Call for papers, exhibitions and performances

IGNITE13! Illuminating Futures

3rd October, 2013

Postgraduate conference hosted by the Creative Industries Faculty, Queensland University of Technology, Brisbane, Australia

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IGNITE13! is an annual postgraduate conference hosted by the Creative Industries Faculty that brings together research students from across QUT. The conference aims to give postgraduate research students at all stages of their degrees an opportunity to present and receive feedback on their work in a supportive and collaborative environment.

Although designed as an environment for the presentation and showcase of postgraduate research through papers, exhibitions and performances, IGNITE13! also provides an opportunity for students to network with their peers, academic staff and scholars, and industry professionals. IGNITE13! will be both a rewarding professional experience and an enriching social event that will enable postgraduates to get to know each other and strengthen QUT’s research culture and community among Creative Industries disciplines.

IGNITE13! is intended to benefit postgraduate students by building skills and serving as a warm-up event for larger academic conferences. Importantly, students will gain presentation experience, receive peer review feedback on current work, increase their visibility within QUT’s research community, and engage in discussions about career challenges. A prize will also be awarded for ‘best paper’, as judged by QUT academic staff, and a selection of student papers will have an opportunity for mentoring to assist them in developing a paper for publication submission. Above all, IGNITE13! will look great on your CV!

The conference emphasises the interdisciplinary nature of Creative Industries and the diversity of postgraduate research within the Creative Industries Faculty. IGNITE13! will have a variety of sessions, including: poster, project, and paper presentations from postgraduate students; performances and exhibitions of creative work; and panel discussions about research trends and issues. Additional events, including workshops, debates, and networking sessions will enable participants to learn new skills, build new relationships, and engage in critical discussions about industry, publications, academic career projections, and their research experience.


In 2013 the theme of the conference is “Illuminating Futures”. Research students in Creative Industries and related disciplines are encouraged to submit proposals that engage with this theme, however submissions beyond this scope will also be considered.

The IGNITE13! theme aims to inspire conference participants to reflect on what the future may hold for Creative Industries disciplines. In our rapidly changing world it is increasingly difficult to plan for and predict how our practices, disciplines, industries, cultures, societies, and structures may evolve. We often research the past and the present in the hope that it will give us an insight as to where we will go from here and what is next over the horizon.

Postgraduate research is invariably at the forefront of current issues and questions on a local, national and global scale. IGNITE13! Illuminating Futures asks students to speculate on what their research can tell us about the future. Consideration of such futures can help us creatively approach present day problems and prepare for possible challenges. Some areas that may be explored could include:

  • How research and practice has been, is, and could be, conducted in Creative Industries disciplines, including approaches, perspectives, and methods.
  • How researchers and practitioners in Creative Industries disciplines can learn from the past and present in order to plan for and predict the future.
  • How research in Creative Industries disciplines can confront social, cultural, and public discourses, assumptions, structures and traditions in an attempt to forge new futures.
  • How Creative Industries disciplines are currently being challenged, with consideration for how these challenges cause industry, practices, and society to evolve for better or for worse.
  • How research often conceptualises futures as either dystopian or utopian, and how Creative Industries disciplines might better capture shades of grey between these dichotomies.
  • How recommendations for future research can be an important inclusion in terms of proposing pathways and further scope beyond the present.

The theme is intended to stimulate ideas among students about what their research can tell us about different futures, as well as reflect on thoughts and feelings about the future from academic, industry, creative, social, cultural, and personal perspectives. Illuminating Futures is designed to be a broad and flexible theme and we invite proposals for papers, exhibitions and performances that draw on student’s own research and experience.


We invite all Honours, Masters and Doctoral students within the Creative Industries and related disciplines to submit a proposal for IGNITE13!. Proposals may address any aspect of your research, including but not limited to: literature review, methodologies, research findings, creative work, industry and social impacts, and future recommendations.

Submissions are encouraged to address the conference theme “Illuminating Futures”, however this is not mandatory and submissions outside this theme will still be considered.

Proposals are due for submission by FRIDAY 2nd AUGUST 2013.

Submitted proposals should be no more than 300 words. In addition to this, they must include the title of your paper, exhibition or performance and a short biography of no more than 100 words.

Please send all proposals to and include your contact details in the body of the email.

Templates for proposal format for each type of session are available from the conference website Please use these templates when submitting.


IGNITE13! welcomes interdisciplinary research from other areas at QUT, as well as research from the Creative Industries Faculty including (but not limited to):

  • Architecture and Landscape Architecture
  • Fashion
  • Interactive & Visual Design
  • Industrial Design, Interior Design, and Urban Design
  • Creative Writing & Literary Studies
  • Dance
  • Drama
  • Film, TV, New Media & Animation
  • Journalism, Media & Communication
  • Music & Sound
  • Visual Art

Proposals should identify which type of session they would like to be involved in at the conference, and use the appropriate proposal format template when submitting.


  • Submit a proposal in the form of a 300 word abstract based on your research.
  • You must include the title of your paper and a short biography of no more than 100 words.
  • Present the proposed research paper at the conference.
  • Presentations will be 15 minutes in length and will allow additional time for audience questions and feedback.
  • Both academic and performative papers are welcome.
  • You do not need to provide a full paper for the conference, however if you want to be eligible for academic mentoring or the award for ‘best paper’ (and the accompanying prize) you must submit a completed paper by Monday 23rd September 2013.
  • Download the template for paper proposals here.

Exhibitions and Performances

  • Submit a 300 word proposal for an exhibition or performance based on your creative work.
  • You must include the title of your work and a short biography of no more than 100 words.
  • Your proposal must include a description of your work in the form of an abstract, as well as space, technical, and AV requirements.
  • Exhibitions, performances and other creative submissions are recommended for those who currently focusing on their creative practice.
  • Showcasing your proposed work is flexible, however it will need to be appropriate for the available space in the Creative Industries Precinct.
  • Download the template for exhibition and performance proposals here.


  • Submit a proposal in the form of a 300 word abstract based on your research.
  • You must include the title of your poster and a short biography of no more than 100 words.
  • Hang the finished poster in the designated area before the conference, and be available to talk to people informally about your poster during the designated poster session.
  • This format may suit those who are in the early stages of their research, or who are not currently developing a paper but are involved in a research project.
  • This format is also suitable for external students who will not be able to attend the conference but would still like to display their research.
  • Download the template for poster proposals here. A template of poster recommendations is also available.


  • Submit a 300 word proposal for a panel session based on an identifiable research theme or issue.
  • You should have 3-4 participants on the panel and must identify each topic to be covered by the individual panellists.
  • Each proposed panellist must include the title of their paper and a short biography of no more than 100 words.
  • Panel presentations must exceed no more than 40 minutes in total and will be allowed additional time for audience questions and discussion.
  • Both academic and performative panels are welcome.
  • This format may suit those who are working on collaborative projects, or share similar research interests that may be connected by a common theme or issue.
  • Download the template for panel proposals here.



The conference will be held at the Creative Industries Precinct on the QUT Kelvin Grove Campus.

This is a free event and catering will be provided throughout the conference.

For more information about IGNITE13! Illuminating Futures, or the call for papers, exhibitions and performances please email

You can also join the IGNITE13! Facebook group or follow the conference on Twitter @igniteci.

We look forward to receiving your submission and welcoming you to illuminate the future with us at IGNITE13! in October 2013.