Conference Theme

In 2013 the theme of the conference is “Illuminating Futures”. For IGNITE13! we wanted to inspire conference participants to reflect on what the future may hold for Creative Industries disciplines. In our rapidly changing world it is increasingly difficult to plan for and predict how our practices, disciplines, industries, cultures, societies, and structures may evolve. We often research the past and the present in the hope that it will give us an insight as to where we will go from here and what is next over the horizon.

Postgraduate research is invariably at the forefront of current issues and questions on a local, national and global scale. IGNITE13! Illuminating Futures asks students to speculate on what their research can tell us about the future. Consideration of such futures can help us creatively approach present day problems and prepare for possible challenges. Some areas that may be explored could include:

  • How research and practice has been, is, and could be, conducted in Creative Industries disciplines, including approaches, perspectives, and methods.
  • How researchers and practitioners in Creative Industries disciplines can learn from the past and present in order to plan for and predict the future.
  • How research in Creative Industries disciplines can confront social, cultural, and public discourses, assumptions, structures and traditions in an attempt to forge new futures.
  • How Creative Industries disciplines are currently being challenged, with consideration for how these challenges cause industry, practices, and society to evolve for better or for worse.
  • How research often conceptualises futures as either dystopian or utopian, and how Creative Industries disciplines might better capture shades of grey between these dichotomies.
  • How recommendations for future research can be an important inclusion in terms of proposing pathways and further scope beyond the present.

The theme is intended to stimulate ideas among students about what their research can tell us about different futures, as well as reflect on thoughts and feelings about the future from academic, industry, creative, social, cultural, and personal perspectives. Illuminating Futures is designed to be a broad and flexible theme from which students can draw on their own research and experience.